First Thursdays

Every First Thursday at PM Shore's Studio Gallery she shows a mixture of completed works and works in progress.  Please join us from 6pm to 9pm.


For the month of October 2018 PM will be busy. She will be having Portland Open Studios in her studio the 2nd and 3rd weekends in October and having a solo show to introduce her new series (Honoring Nature) to the public. These are mixed media abstract landscapes (see below). The show will be at P5 Performing Arts Center - Antoinette Hatfield Hall. As it is closer to the event, a date wil be announced for the Opening Night with live entertainment. 

I paint abstract landscapes in mixed media using acrylics and an assortment of plant dyes and natural elements apropos to the subject.

I spend time in the outdoors choosing subjects and planning paintings, usually in a series. As I sketch and photograph for reference I gather materials (leaves, sand, shells, plants, dirt) that are innate to the habitat of each location and pertinent to the painting. These materials are turned into colors and textures by pounding, grinding and boiling; then, catalogued and stored in preparation for use in that piece.

Although abstract, I do employ a component of perceptive content. By underpainting in a light wash of plant dye, I determine a composition through shapes and colors, then overpaint in acrylics and continue abstracting the image to achieve an emotional association between the image and the viewer.

When the painting has reached the basic structure of the story I want to tell, I add accents in natural materials to intensify that connection to the viewer through the inherent instincts that recognize color, texture and form as a language opening imagination and thought.