Why a Studio/Gallery?






Artist's Statement








Welcome to my studio/gallery, a live/work/gallery space in an artists' community. A painter's space for developing -- alone in the studio -- a sense of what my paintings will be. Painting is known as a solitary endeavor but paradoxically I find visiting with art friends and visitors provides energy and inspiration.

The walls are hung with my paintings which I can observe and improve technique, aiding my development of a consistent style. Most artists have to make a living and pay for their studio so opening as a gallery four days a week pays the rent and supplies the socialization I need.  Pretty cool arrangement. 


Recently my focus has shifted and I have begun re-examinations of my abstract predilections of earlier years. I find the different rhythms of abstract and representational styles can compliment each other and keeps my painting fresh. My representational painting lends a strong compositional component to my abstracts and the color harmonies and textures in my approach to abstraction help build motion and perception in my representational paintings. I have found the best of both worlds.